Mecanum-Kinematics and Teach&Repeat-Technology for Stage Wagon mecanum drive

To realize innovative show concepts, heavy stage structures and stage prop needs to be moved reliably and precisely upon the stage. A few years ago these kind of transformations had to be done while the curtain is closed, because many staff members were needed. With the help of the stage wagon built by Gross Funk GmbH, it became possible to perfom transformations while the curtain is opened and with the help of the Teach&Playback-Technology, with a high repeat accuracy, too. This concept was further improved and therefore equipped with a mecanum-drive to enable maneuvrability in an other dimension.

Maneuvrability in an other dimension

The built in mecanum-drive enables omni-directional movements of the stage wagon, without the need of another mechanical steering. Therefore, the vehicle is equipped with four mecanum-wheels that are powered by forceful brushless direct current motor (BLDC). A mecanum wheel looks like a conventional wheel with a series of rollers attached to its circumference. These rollers help to keep contact between the vehicle and the floor and have no own motor. By controlling the four wheels in the right manner with the corresponding speed and the fitting direction of rotation, each wheel applies a force that sums up to a total movement of the stage wagon. This movement can also be directed obliquely to the longitudinal axis of the vehicle. Thus, the Mecanum drive allows the vehicle to travel in any direction without changing the orientation at any time. A significant advantage especially with props, that should be of course directed to the audience, but still move freely on the stage.

Teach & Repeat technology allows precise repetition of stored driving sequences

The stage wagon mecanum drive is equipped with the proven Teach & Repeat technology from Robot Makers GmbH to ensure the repeatability of the stored transports between the many samples and the performance in front of the audience. Therefore, it is possible to record the required driving sequence in advance (teach) and then repeat them at the right moment (repeat). The repeat accuracy achieved while the playback of recorded driving sequences is thereby superior to a human operator. For the easy selection and administration of the stored driving sequences, any common smartphone with WLAN interface can be used.

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Technical Data

width 900 mm (other configurations possible)
length 900 mm (other configurations possible)
height 175 mm
weight ca. 90 kg
payload 1000 kg
drive electronic mecanum drive with four brushless DC motors
supply voltage 24 V
source of energy 2 storage batteries each 12 V 26 Ah

Applied technology of Robot Makers GmbH

Generic Control Box Automotive

The Generic Control Box ensures easy integration of the required software algorithms on the existing stage wagon. The generic control box communicates with the motor control system, calculates the kinematics of the mecanum drive, and allows the stage wagon to drive sensitively as well as to repeat previously recorded driving sequences by means of RM Teach & Repeat.

Robot Makers Software Platform

The complex calculation of the kinematics, the control of the motors and also the implementation of the user interface are carried out with the aid of existing software packages of the Robot Makers software platform, which are adapted to the existing application as well as the existing vehicle. This user interface is realized with the help of a responsive web interface, which thus permits the sequence management to be carried out on the most diverse types of terminals (for example mobilephone, tablet, notebook) in an operator-friendly manner.

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