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Chances and opportunities of innovative Intelligent Mobile Machines

New sensor technologies, powerful computing nodes, and innovative algorithms offer a considerable innovation potential in the field of mobile machines. The goal of all these innovations is to create sustainable added values for users. The following pages will show you what these innovations can look like. To help you as a machine manufacturer to bring intelligence to your mobile machines as well, we offer individual application engineering as well as the use of ready-to-use autonomy-kits.

Agricultural Machines

Viticulture - Fruit farming - Tree nurseries - Mowing technology

Automation in agriculture leads to greater efficiency, more comfort and higher safety.

With the coordinated use of intelligent machines, you will achieve a higher yield with less demand on resources (area, water, energy, etc). An optimum solution is the use of network devices that perform as many cultivation activities as possible.

In organic farming, mechanical cultivation is optimized and more efficient with our automation solutions. This will reduce the number of man-hours you spend physically operating machines. You will become even more competitive.

Construction Machines

Civil engineering - Material handling - Road construction

In the construction machines segment, machines with intelligent control technology are superior to conventionally operated machines. In particular, active assistance functions (e.g. collision avoidance), (partial) autonomy or even the cooperative collaboration of several machines mean less downtime, relief for the machine operator and more safety.

In the construction sector we offer customized solutions for more efficient, safe, and comfortable machines. Our intelligent control technology offers benefits with many features.

Special Vehicles

Municipal - Forestry - Logistics

Special vehicles are models that have been adapted for particular requirements:  trucks, for instance, municipal and forestry vehicles, as well as test platforms for research and development.

In all these areas, topics such as reducing the risk of accidents caused by human mistakes, increasing efficiency, or relieving the machine operator play a prominent role. These problems can be tackled through the use of powerful hardware and software solutions, enabling (active) assistance systems, (partial) automation and the cooperative collaboration of several machines.