Control technology for intelligent mobile machines





Our Approach



In a first stage we analyze your task meticulously and present you a detailed and transparent bid, which you can rely on.



The requirements are specified down to the last detail and various solutions are developed, analyzed and the optimal solution is selected.



The well-proven modules of our development platform cover a large piece of the development effort for new projects. So we can focus on the innovative aspects to quickly realize a prototype.

Market Launch


After successfully testing your prototype, we take care of the realization in the series. You benefit from our fair license model.

Why Robot Makers GmbH?

Powerful Technology

The innovative control technology of the Robot Makers GmbH combines performance, reliability and easy integration on almost all mobile machines. Therefore, our technology helps you to outperform your competitors with really innovative products.

Transparent Calculation

With the modular design of our development platform, years of experience as well as our fair license model, we are able to create a detailed and reliable bid at an early stage. This applies both, to the development of a prototype as well as to series production. Therefore, the bid amount is not exceeded in more than 90% of all cases.

Modular Design

Thanks to the modular design of our development platform, existing and already well-proven modules can be combined in order to realize your tasks in a cost-effective and time-saving manner. In this way, the focus can be placed on innovative functionalities that need to be developed from scratch. Also, the subsequent expandability of your solution is easily possible.

Interdisciplinary Team

Tasks in the area of mobile automation require knowledge and experience in the engineering disciplines, computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. For this reason, we rely on an interdisciplinary team, which is made up of experts from all the areas mentioned.

Up-To-Date Bus Systems

Traditional bus systems quickly reach their limits in modern applications that require high bandwidths as well as real-time communication. That is why, apart from the classic CAN bus, we have been dealing with up-to-date high-performance bus systems such as EtherCAT® and BiSS for years, and are ideally placed for future questions.

Customer-Driven Mindset

The customer is the only one who decides whether he is satisfied or dissatisfied with the solution provided. We are aware of this fact and have therefore aligned our entire process chain to the reliable fulfillment of our customers' wishes. In order to further develop and improve our actions, we count on our quality management system certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


Slide The immense special effort which you and your employees have shown is anything but self-evident and is highly appreciated by us. " " Project Manager, Special Vehicles Slide Thank you for the great support! " " Director, Special Vehicles Slide Without the enormous commitment of Robot Makers GmbH, we would never have been able to carry out such a successful demonstration. " " Project Manager, Special Vehicles Slide We also liked the workshop and you were able to give us a deeper insight into an interesting topic. " " Project Manager, Special Vehicles