RowCropPilot on Robo Flail Vario


A vehicle that supports the winegrower or fruit grower in regularly repeated maintenance work? To use man-power optimally and to keep the driver out of dangerous situations? Robot Makers GmbH makes this kind of autonomous vehicle possible with the help of technology developed in the “Field Robotics” project.

The RowCropPilot application kit primarily uses selected environment sensor technology for navigation in structured environments such as vineyards, orchards or tree nurseries. This enables the vehicle equipped with this technology to perform its work reliably, even independently of external signals.

RoboFlail vario is a diesel-hydraulically driven tracked vehicle that can be equipped with various attachments. It is equipped with a remote control as standard and shows its strengths especially on steep slopes of the terrain.


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Realized added values


Independent driving of the rows and subsequent turning with the autonomous vineyard caterpillar.


Independent and rapid processing of complete parcels. Independent of personnel bottlenecks.

Comfort + Safety

With the comfortable environment sensor technology, the system offers a plus in safety in wine and fruit growing.


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