Autonomy-Kit MowPilot

Automated mowing of open areas

MowPilot Logo -  das Autonomie Kit zum automatisierten Mulchen von Grünflächen.

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Automated mowing and mulching of open areas - reliable and highly accurate

With the MowPilot autonomy kit, Robot Makers GmbH offers a way for manufacturers to automate their proven implement carriers. This allows open areas to be mowed automatically and without operator intervention. For positioning, the MowPilot autonomy kit uses a hybrid localization approach that combines the strengths of the global navigation satellite systems GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and Galileo with the advantages of local navigation using odometry and inertial sensors.  The proven Teach&Repeat approach allows effective teach-in of new mowing areas and ensures robust repeatability even on slopes and during unusual maneuvers. The system is specifically designed to be commissioned as quickly and easily as possible on new vehicle platforms, thus noticeably reducing time-to-market. You are a machine manufacturer and want to be one of the pioneers in your industry? We are your reliable partner for the automation of proven mobile machines.

Your advantages as a machine manufacturer

Cutting-edge technology

Short time-to-market

Arbitrarily extendable

UserInterface in your design

Der MowPilot greift auf den bewährten Teach&Repeat Ansatz zurück, um automatisiertes Mähen zu erlauben.

Reliable navigation with Teach&Repeat technology

The proven Teach&Repeat approach enables effective and safe teaching of new parcels. Once taught, this parcel can be repeated automatically as often as required. The Teach&Repeat approach really comes into its own, especially with more complex field geometries, where reverse travel is also helpful.

  1. Teach
    Process the desired area manually and as usual.
  2. Repeat
    Repeat this mission automatically, as many times as you want.

You want to edit a parcel only partially? Using the intelligent ontracking assistant, you simply start editing at the desired point.

The MowPilot autonomy kit already comes with production-ready hardware to significantly minimize time-to-market. If desired, a deeper integration into the hardware structure of your machine can also be realized.

Precise positioning thanks to Real Time Kinematics (RTK)

Thanks to global navigation satellite systems and Real Time Kinematics (RTK), the absolute vehicle position can be determined to within a few centimeters. Disturbances in the travel times of the satellite signals are calculated by stationary base stations and transmitted to the vehicle (rover) as correction data.

To achieve the highest possible availability, we use state-of-the-art technology in the MowPilot that evaluates satellite signals on different frequency bands (multiband) and also uses data from all common satellite constellations (GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo).

Der MowPiot greift zur Poistionierung auf die aktuell leistungsfähigste Technologie auf dem Markt zurück.

Our packages

MowPilot Logo -  das Autonomie Kit zum automatisierten Mulchen von Grünflächen.

MP Teach&Repeat

Reliable automated mowing of green areas

  • Definition of the working area by one-time manual processing of the area (“Teach”)
  • Automated machining of areas that have been taught once (Repeat)
  • Independent lifting and lowering of the implement, as specified during the teach-in process
  • Selection of previously taught areas and travel patterns via intuitive web app
  • Remote maintenance interface (optional)
  • Hardware suitable for series production
The RMconnect App enables easy configuration and management of the machine.

Easy operation via WebApp

All necessary configurations of the MowPilot can be set intuitively via our WebApp. This is based on HTML5 and is mobile-compatible. This means that it can be accessed with all common mobile devices. The appearance can be adapted to your corporate design if required.

Of course, existing remote controls and other user interfaces can also be integrated into the MowPilot operating concept. Just get in touch with us.

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