Being innovative quite simply

Proven upgrade kits for your mobile machine

Why initiate a time-consuming and risky development, when a proven and tested solution is already available on the market? With our autonomy-kits, we offer machine manufacturers an opportunity to bring intelligence to their machines as easily as possible and with manageable risk. The autonomy-kits provide a wide range of basic functionalities that offer the future user a variety of added values. If desired, additional adaptations can be added individually for you to further differentiate yourself from the competition.

Our process

1. Idea

In a first phase we analyze and discuss your idea in order to develop a common understanding of a cooperation.

2. Concept

Your idea is broken down to our application kits. Your individual requirements are integrated into the overall concept.

3. Prototype

Due to the ready-to-use basic functionalities of the autonomy-kits, we can create a prototype very quickly and obtain user feedback.

4. Pilot

Since the basic functionalities have already been tested, we can start the pilot phase very early in order to evaluate several machines in daily continuous operation.

5. Series

The latest findings of the pilot phase are implemented and the hardware industrialization is completed. Documentation and certification are completed.

6. Aftermarket

After the successful market launch, we support you in case of more profound technical problems and, if desired, in case of a spare parts supply with preconfigured parts.

RowCropPilot - working autonomously in special crops

The cultivation of special crops such as vines, fruit or trees and bushes requires a variety of maintenance work that must be carried out regularly. The RowCropPilot enables proven mobile machines to drive through such crops independently and perform various operations. Due to the leading environment detection, the vehicle works independently of GPS availability.

MowPilot - autonomous mowing of green areas

Freeway embankments, traffic circles, sports fields, solar parks, city parks and many other areas must be regularly maintained and therefore mowed. The MowPilot is the ideal driver to cultivate such areas efficiently and comfortably. To do this, we use proven satellite navigation in combination with powerful algorithms, which enable high precision control of the intelligent mobile machine.

MowPilot Logo -  das Autonomie Kit zum automatisierten Mulchen von Grünflächen.

"Our autonomy-kits offer an easy and safe start into the world of Intelligent Mobile Machines. A robust solution for your application is created in the shortest possible time".

Dr. Carsten Hillenbrand
Managing Director