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The realization of intelligent mobile machines often involves breaking new ground. This means that many requirements are not completely clear at the beginning or priorities are misjudged. In order to minimize the risk of expensive misdevelopment, our technology ecosystem RM InnoCore ensures that a first functional prototype is available at the earliest possible time. This prototype proves the feasibility and can be tested in a real environment to gain important insights for further development. The proven software and hardware components of our RM InnoCore ensure a fast realization with a high degree of maturity and form the solid core for subsequent development phases up to market launch.

InnoCore Software - the heart of our solutions

RM InnoCore Software includes a large number of libraries for typical mobile automation applications, which can range from heavy agricultural and construction machinery to research vehicles in various weight classes. It allows to compile customer applications in a time and cost efficient way and above all tailored to the application. Based on an operating system with a real-time kernel, the industrial software framework Finroc® is used, which was especially developed for the efficient development of complex control systems for mobile machines.

Your advantages

Time and cost efficiency

By using standardized and well-proven software packages, you save unforeseeable development costs and valuable time. Thus the prototypical realization already reaches a high degree of maturity. Thus, the focus is on the new algorithms to be implemented, which furthermore simplifies diagnosis of the overall system. You get better software faster.

Regular updates

RM InnoCore Software is constantly being developed and kept up-to-date by our experienced engineers. Thus you and your customers benefit from a continuously improving system that is always up-to-date in terms of safety. The release cycle of the entire platform is two years, whereby improvements and security updates are also provided in between. The customer can control when which updates are included.


Due to the modular structure of the control software, new functions can be added by the uncomplicated purchase of additional libraries and necessary sensors or actuators. Even new libraries to be developed can be integrated easily and efficiently. Thus you remain flexible and can constantly adapt your product to the changing market requirements and thus offer your customers new added values.

Remote maintenance

The optionally integrated remote service interface allows protected access to the system from any location with internet access. Thus, problems can be quickly detected and solved without the need for a technician to be on site. This means that you receive uncomplicated and direct support with minimum lead time. The remote maintenance interface also allows the installation of software updates.


Do you want to offer certain functionalities on additional series of your mobile machines? This is no problem with our  RM InnoCore Software products. By adapting the hardware abstraction layer, the desired functionalities can be efficiently integrated into other vehicle types.

Our hardware solutions

Even the best software does not work without suitable hardware. In order to keep the development time as short as possible and to develop reliable Intelligent Mobile Machines, we offer the necessary hardware components in our technology ecosystem RM InnoCore. These are proven in interaction with our software and work reliably even under rough conditions. Thus, we can work purposefully towards the start of production of your Intelligent Mobile Machine.

Powerful computing nodes for mobile use

Innovative sensor technology e.g. for environmental perception

Hardware for localization and navigation

Hardware for intuitive user interfaces

Gateways and antennas to connect to the outside world

Certified safety sensors and safety switches

Reliable power supply for all components

Components for robust housing and cabling

Kickstart your mobile machine into a new era!

Today the demand of assistance systems and intelligent functionalities for mobile machines of every kind is already high. It is only a matter of time until lacking intelligence becomes a criterion to exclude machines from procurement. You should therefore start early to prepare your mobile machines for the future. As a full-lifecycle partner, we are always on your side.