The Robot Makers Software Platform contains a variety of libraries for typical applications of mobile automation. This includes for example heavy agricultural and construction machines and vehicles for research purposes in different weight categories. The Software Platform allows to realize customer applications time­- and cost­- efficient and above all, customized to the application case. Based on an operating system with a real-­time kernel, the industrial­-suited softwareframework Finroc® goes into action. It is especially designed for the efficient development of complex control systems for mobile machines.

Hardware Abstraction

Hardware Abstraction comprises all modules and functionality which are machine dependent. In particular, this applies to modeling and computation of kinematics, as well as interfaces to bus systems, and drivers for various sensors and actors.

This results in an abstraction layer which completely secludes the characteristics of the vehicle from the superordinate control system and therefore realizes an easy adaption to other vehicle types with different dimensions, kinematics and drive modes.

Sensor Data Processing and Representation

This package contains modules and functionality which is needed to receive data from sensors and to represent these in an adequate way. The scope comprises internal, as well as external representations. Furthermore, this packages contains modules to transform, to fuse and to extract information from this data.

While internal representation refers to data formats and interfaces which are used to access and process data, external representations are primarily used for visualization purposes. Furthermore, this packages contains modules to transform, to fuse and to extract information from this data.

Further Packages with Basic Functionality

Besides the interfaces to the mobile machine and the sensor systems, there are many more basic functions needed in applications of mobile automation. The Robot Makers Software Platform also provides the right solution for this.

Data Sheet Download Avoidance of collisions and circumnavigation of obstacles Download Data Sheet Navigation based on predefined routes and waypoints Download Data Sheet Navigation based on local structures and incidents Download Data Sheet Navigation based on global position data (e.g. GPS) Download Data Sheet Coordination of the eradication of the desired funtions Download Data Sheet Communication with diverse attachments

Your Advantages

Time- and Cost Efficiency

By using standardized and multiple tested software packages, you can save intransparent development costs as well as valuable time. In addition, even at an early project stage we can give statements about the forthcoming series costs. ­ An important advantage for your product calculation.

Regular Updates

The Robot Makers Software Platform is constantly improved and kept on the latest state­-of­-the-­art by our experienced engineers. In this way, you and your customers benefit from a constantly improving system, which is also always up-­to­-date in terms of security. A new version of the entire platform is released every two years whereby improvements and safety updates are also provided, occasionally. Whether and when updates should be installed, can be decided by the customer itself.


Due to the modular structure of the control software, new features can be added by an additional purchase of further libraries (and perhaps needed sensors/actuators). Furthermore, new, yet to be developed, libraries can be integrated easily and efficiently. This way you stay flexible and are able to constantly change your products according to the needs of the market to offer your customers an added value.

Remote Maintenance

The software integrated remote maintenance interface permits the protected access to the system at every place with internet access. This ensures that problems are recognized early and thus can be eliminated without requiring a technician to be on site. Hence you will receive uncomplicated help directly from the developers. The remote maintenance interface additionally enables the installation of software updates.


You would like to deploy our technology on further series of your mobile machines? The Robot Makers Software Platform offers this possibility. By adjusting the hardware abstraction layer, the desired
features can be integrated efficiently on other vehicle types.