The hardware of the Robot Makers GmbH was especially designed and developed for the use in mobile machines. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for applications in mobile automation. In addition to our own hardware, we also use innovative and powerful products from other manufacturers to implement your projects. The selection of this products is based on our experience and market knowledge. Thus, all your requirements get optimally realized.

schriftzug_generic-control-box  Indoor/Automotive/Ruggedized

The distribution of high-performance computing units in mobile machines is advancing at a rapid pace. The Generic Control Box has been especially developed for this application. Besides a robust design, the Generic Control Box also offers necessary interfaces for the use on many different machines. This helps to quickly and easily integrate the Robot Makers Software Platform into your machine.

schriftzug_modular-control-system  Hydraulic Controller

In the market you can find thousands of different hardware solutions to control hydraulic valves. For future applications, however, a synchronized and fine-tuned control of the many different axes of todays hydraulic marvels is necessary. In this task, current systems quickly reach their limits. For this reason, we have developed the Modular Control System - Hydraulic Controller. With an up-to-date industrial ethernet bus system, a cascaded controller structure as well as the possibility of overlapping the valves stem with a dither frequency, this hardware module is ideally equipped for future challenges and opens up completely new possibilities.

schriftzug_modular-control-system  Measurement System

With the Open-Source BiSS-Interface, probably one of the most promising digital interfaces gains ground in many different applications. The Modular Control System - Measurement System now establishes the connection between this advanced sensor-actuator-bus and the up-to-date fieldbus system EtherCAT and thus combines the best out of two worlds. This allows innovative control and measurement tasks to be realized.




Laser Ranger 3D (Flyer) (coming soon)
Laser Ranger 3D (Data Sheet) (coming soon)

The ability to recognize the vehicles environment to draw conclusions about the future behavior or to support the driver in carrying out his or her work, is one of the special challenges of mobile automation. For this reason, ambient environmental sensors play a decisive role in the implementation of projects. In some cases, it is necessary to obtain a high-resolution 3D image of the environment, which is then evaluated in real-time to help the control software making decisions. Since corresponding sensor systems are not available on the market, the engineers of Robot Makers GmbH have developed such a sensor system, based on a 2D laser scanner. The LaserRanger 3D has already proved its suitability for scenarios in mobile automation in several research projects.