Lane guidance system RowCropPilot assist on Fendt 200 Vario


Every single row of vines in a vineyard must be driven over between 20 and 30 times a year. A guidance system can provide a great deal of relief for the driver. A lane guidance system in viticulture and fruit growing has to cope with permanent plantings, which in most cases are still planted by hand and therefore not completely straight. This is why pre-programmed straight-ahead driving, as in arable farming, is often not feasible. The precision required for work on the plant also pushes approaches from area farming to their limits. The vehicle has to orient itself to the exact plant positions and thus to the existing curves and bends within the row of vines and drive through them cleanly. It must also be able to cope with slight variations in row widths and different vegetation in summer and winter months.

With its predictive environment sensor, the RowCropPilot assist (RCP steering) enables exactly that. At the same time, it is not disturbed by weeds and branches that protrude into the roadway. The vehicle is positioned in front of the row of vines and the RCP steering is activated at the touch of a button. Afterwards, the driver just steps on the gas. At the end of the row, the driver again takes over the steering and steers the system into the next row of vines.


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Realized added values


The intelligent lane guidance system provides considerable relief during long operations in narrow rows of vines. The area output remains at a high level throughout the day.


Even inexperienced seasonal workers can use the lane guidance system to steer the tractor cleanly through the field and achieve an optimized work result. This increases the flexibility in personnel deployment.


Controlling the tractor and monitoring the implement at the same time requires a lot of concentration from the operator. With our track guidance system, you get off the tractor in the evening much more relaxed.


Der Vineyard Pilot Assistant wurde mit dem silbernen Innovations-Award auf der führenden Landwirtschaftsmesse Agritechnica ausgezeichnet.

Agritechnica Innovation Award Silber 2019
(in combination with implement automation system Vineyard Pilot Assistant)


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