Smart Farming through Intelligent Mobile Machines

Smart Farming spielt eine große Rolle in der Landwirtschatft der Zukunft

Smart farming helps to lead agriculture into a new age through modern information and communication technologies (ICT). The goal is to make food production more efficient and at the same time more sustainable. Intelligent mobile machines and agricultural robots are an important component that can make a major contribution in achieving this goal. What is […]

5 reasons why Intelligent Mobile Machines are shaping the future

Der RowCropPilot im Einsatz in einer Baumschule mit Containeranbau.

In the past, muscle power was the only way to do heavy work. For the first time, pack animals helped humans to perform certain tasks and save energy. Due to the subsequent mechanization, almost all work steps were carried out with machines. Due to technological advances on various levels and simultaneously emerging challenges, the next […]

Outdoor Environment Detection Processes – Part 3

In part 1 of our brief overview of outdoor environment detection processes, we discussed time-of-flight as well as radar technology. In part 2, we presented ultrasound and mono/stereo video processes. In this third and last part of our article series, we want to take a closer look at laser technology.

Outdoor environment detection processes – Part 2

In part 1 of our brief overview of outdoor environment detection processes, we discussed time-of-flight as well as radar technology. In the following, we now want to take a closer look at ultrasound as well as environment detection with the help of video images. In the final part of our article series, we will discuss […]

Outdoor environment detection processes – Part 1

For the implementation of modern assistance functions as well as the (partial) autonomy of utility vehicles, the vehicle – depending on intended application – must be in a position to localize itself in its environment, recognize obstacles in the planned driving route, and respond adequately to these. This can be achieved, for example, by stopping […]

Real-Time – Results within a period of time

Echtzeit ist ungleich Schnelligkeit

For many technological processes and information processing it is important to get certain results in a specific period of time. In this case the term real-time is used. What are real-time capable systems? How “quick” do they have to be and where are they needed? These are the questions we want to answer with this […]

SSI – Synchronous Serial Interface

"Autonomer Mobilebagger" (AMoBA)

The Synchronous-Serial-Interface (SSI) is a digital interface which is mostly used in length and angle measuring systems. It is especially suitable for applications where reliability and signal robustness is very important. The Max Stegmann GmbH, which is now a part of the company group SICK, was the developer of the SSI. Meanwhile, SSI is also […]

Electromagnetic compatibility – Criteria of hardware components for mobile applications

In many application cases of automation and the robotization of mobile systems, various hardware components are exposed to unfavorable conditions like high temperatures, water, dirt, permanent vibrations or shocks. In these extreme situations the components also need to work flawlessly to ensure the functionality of the whole system. To guarantee the reliability in such conditions […]