Fieldbus – the data highway

If you want to inform yourself about the topic of automation, you will need to learn more about fieldbus systems. The main reason for that is the increasing number of electronic components in nearly every area of life. But what exactly does that mean and where does the wide distribution of fieldbus systems come from? What is the assignment of the fieldbus and how do the communication networks operate? These and further questions will be answered in this blog post.

Verkabelung Schaltschrank

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EtherCAT – a lightning-fast bus system

As an answer to the growing requirements of the modern automation engineering to the real-time capability of the bus systems and the high costs of the common bus components, several companies began to generate a real-time capable bus system. It is drawn up to the favorable standard components of the Ethernet-standards IEEE 802.3. One of these industrial-Ethernet bus systems is “EtherCAT”, which was initiated by the company Beckhoff Automation and is now further developed by the EtherCAT Technology Group.

Logo der EtherCAT Technoloy Group

The Robot Makers GmbH is a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group and generates master- and slave-components

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European EtherCAT Plug Fest 2014

EtherCat-Slave-Komponente im Rack Formfaktor

EtherCAT slave component in the Rack form factor

Between the 14th and 15th of October 2014 the European EtherCat Plug Fest will take place. The Festo AG & Co.KG invites developers of the EtherCat-systems and tools to Esslingen to perform interoperability tests and to swap experiences around the topic EtherCat. Experts of the EtherCat Technology Group (ETG) will be available with their know-how for technical discussions.

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Der Claw Cleaner Eco der Firma MK Nutztierhygiene

Control technology for Animal Care

Health is a central topic in animal farming, as product quality is directly linked to the well-being of the animals. Prophylactic measures can conveniently be achieved on any farm with animal care solutions by MK Nutztierhygiene. The latest generation of systems is driven by Robot Makers’ innovative technology. Precise sensing and intelligent control allows for an even more selective application to save disinfectants and water.

The ongoing development is presented at Euro Tier 2012 in Hannover by our partner company MK Nutztierhygiene.

Der Claw Cleaner Eco der Firma MKS Nutztierhygiene

"Autonomer Mobilebagger" (AMoBA)

Control of an Excavator Arm

In this project, the arm of a bucket excavator was equipped with a computer-controllable interface. In the context of the project, a control system for hydraulic cylinders was developed. Furthermore, algorithms for the distributed control approaches were designed and optimized for a Volvo bucket excavator.

On the basis of the electrified prototype the Robotics Research Lab at the University of Kaiserslautern conducts research in the domains environment recognition and autonomous landscaping.

"Autonomer Mobilebagger" (AMoBA)