Nomination for the “Zukunftspreis Pfalz 2015” (Future Award Palatinate)

The Robot Makers GmbH is nominated for the first prize of the “Zukunftspreis Pfalz 2015”. This tribute is honored every two years by the regional association Palatinate. This honor should “boost excellent innovative ideas, products, projects and performances which reinforce the sustainability and the sustainable development of the region.” Projects in the sector of environment sciences, natural sciences, liberal arts/social sciences, technology or economy can receive this award.

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Echtzeit ist ungleich Schnelligkeit

Real-Time – Results within a period of time

For many technological processes and information processing it is important to get certain results in a specific period of time. In this case the term real-time is used. What are real-time capable systems? How “quick” do they have to be and where are they needed? These are the questions we want to answer with this article.

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First pictures of the new MCS Hydraulic Control

Here you can find first pictures of the new MCS Hydraulic Control, that will be available on the market in the near future. The MCS Hydraulic Control is suitable for hydraulic drives like cylinders or engines. It enables the possibility of a synchronous control of multi-axle hydraulic arms depending on joint angles. Therefore, it is perfectly suitable for the realisation of assistance functions or the automation and robotization of mobile working machines. If you have any questions relating to the performance of the MCS Hydraulic Control, do not hesitate to contact us. Our employees will be more than happy to assist.

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Logo Commercial Vehicle Cluster Südwest

Robot Makers GmbH becomes partner of the Commercial Vehicle Cluster Southwest (CVC)

The Robot Makers GmbH is new partner of the Commercial Vehicle Cluster Southwest (CVC). This organization consists of prestigious representatives from science, politics and economy. The association has set itself the target to improve the reliability of commercial vehicles and to promote the development of new technologies. We want to contribute to that with our knowledge in the field of automation of mobile systems, the development of driving assistance systems and the control of hydraulic systems. Furthermore, we want to present our products and services on different events of the cluster. So, we will show our business activities at the Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium (CVT-Symposium) at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern in March 2016 and we will also be part of the CVC-annual-conference in November 2015 in Wörth.

Logo Commercial Vehicle Cluster Südwest

"Autonomer Mobilebagger" (AMoBA)

SSI – Synchronous Serial Interface

The Synchronous-Serial-Interface (SSI) is a digital interface which is mostly used in length and angle measuring systems. It is especially suitable for applications where reliability and signal robustness is very important. The Max Stegmann GmbH, which is now a part of the company group SICK, was the developer of the SSI. Meanwhile, SSI is also used by other manufacturers. Unlike a parallel interface, where the bits are transmitted in various lines, transmission here is serial – which means successively.

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After one year we say goodbye to our intern Mareike and wish her much success and fun for her studies!

Internship report: Every end is a new beginning!

After one year the practical training of our intern Mareike is going to end this week. Immediately after this she will start the studies in information management at the University of Applied Sciences Kaiserslautern at the campus of Zweibrücken. In order to give you an insight into the working life of an intern at the Robot Makers GmbH, we asked Mareike to summarize her working life for us. Finally, we thank Mareike for her commitment and dedication for the Robot Makers GmbH and we wish her much success and fun for the upcoming studies and her later professional life.

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Short portrait of the Robot Makers GmbH in the UNI SPECTRUM

In the current issue (03/2015) of the UNI SPECTRUM, our company is presented in a short portrait. The UNI SPECTRUM is a magazine of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern which is published every three months with a print run of 7000 to 9000 copies. The magazine can be downloaded here. The article about our company can be found on page 45.

Das Team der Robot Makers GmbH

Team of the Robot Makers GmbH

Visiting the “Appeldag 2015”

In order to further improve our know-how in the sector of orchards, we visited the “Appeldag 2015” on June 25, 2015 in Cothen (Netherlands). At this event, which takes place every second year, everything is about orchards, from cultivation to harvest to selling. At our visit we made many new contacts and gained interesting insights into the world of orchards.

Demonstration eines neuartigen Mulchers auf dem "Appeldag 2015"

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Industrial Ethernet – real time Ethernet under the most adverse conditions

Surely, the definition of Ethernet is well known to all the readers who once occupied themselves with connecting their own computers in a home network. More and more frequently the term Industrial Ethernet is used in connection with industrial systems. We will give you a deeper look into that topic here.

Ethernet Switch

©Tim Reckmann /

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Fieldbus – the data highway

If you want to inform yourself about the topic of automation, you will need to learn more about fieldbus systems. The main reason for that is the increasing number of electronic components in nearly every area of life. But what exactly does that mean and where does the wide distribution of fieldbus systems come from? What is the assignment of the fieldbus and how do the communication networks operate? These and further questions will be answered in this blog post.

Verkabelung Schaltschrank

©Hans-Peter Reichartz /

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