Presentation of the elWObot in the online magazine “Intelligente Welt”

Base control of the modular plantation robot elWObot

Technologies in the field of mobile machinery are advancing rapidly. Today there are already different systems, that help to simplify the use of such machines and make it more secure and efficient. And this is really necessary to meet the high requirements on the quality of work, with the simultaneously predominant pressure of time. In agriculture, for example, you will find assistance systems, that take over the steering of the vehicles with help of GPS and therefore help the driver to concentrate on the work of the implement. A long-term goal is also to develop vehicles that are able to do their work all autonomously. Efforts of this kind are described by the term “mobile automation”. Because there is also a big demand for similar systems in the field of pomiculture and viniculture the chair Agricultural System Technology of Technical University Dresden, the University of Applied Sciences Osnabrück and the University of Applied Sciences Geisenheim are developing the autonomous plantation robot elWObot with electric drives. In this project, the Robot Makers GmbH is responsible for the base control of the robot.

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Robot Makers GmbH honoured with “Zukunftspreis” of Palatine 2015

On November 22 the time had come again: The “Zukunftspreis” of Palatine was assigned. It is a distinction that honors “outstanding innovative ideas, products, projects and achievements that strengthen the future perspective and the sustainable development of the region”. The award is assigned every two years and addresses projects in the field of life, natural and social sciences as well as in the humanities, technology and economy.

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Automation in pomiculture

The handling of commercial vehicles has become much more comfortable due to the rise of assistance systems. However, running these systems does not replace a human operator as the center of the process. People still have undertake a bulk of tasks and coordinate and control the assistance system. Therefore, they remain inside the vehicle and are e.g. exposed to health risks. To protect and relieve them, autonomous systems can be used.

Obtsplantage in Holland
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Autonomous Stage Vehicle on the Stage, Set, Scenery 2015 in Berlin

Between 9 to 11 June the company Gross Funk is going to present its autonomous stage vehicle on the Stage, Set, Scenery 2015 in Berlin.

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