Implement Automation Vineyard Pilot Assistant (VPA-Control)


Chemical herbicides such as glyphosate are currently the subject of heated debate. Therefore, alternative methods, such as ecological mechanical soil cultivation in the special crop sector, are increasingly coming into focus. However, this takes up more time for the farmer. This is because it has to be carried out more frequently. In addition, the driving speed is not as high as with the application of herbicides, since the attachments had to be manually aligned to the stick by the driver until now.

The Vineyard Pilot Assistant (VPA-Control) from Braun Maschinenbau relieves the driver and helps to compensate for these disadvantages.

The intelligent system automatically guides the working tools optimally to the crop. The operator concentrates only on steering the tractor. A sophisticated system automatically adjusts the width and height of the tools in the intermediate axle area as well as the width of the mulcher. The predictive sensor detection and the finely tuned hydraulics operate with high precision even at high speeds and deliver an optimium working result.

Ecological tillage can now be carried out by inexperienced drivers at high working speeds. In addition, the high working speed can also be kept up over a complete working day. The operator can steer the tractor through the vineyard with greater tolerances. The tedious monitoring and re-adjustment of the implements is completely eliminated.

Since the width and working height settings are made automatically, combinations with mulchers or crop protection systems can also be used. Such combination drives have not been possible up to now due to the high load on the driver. The simultaneous performance of different operations further increases the area output. This compensates for the alleged disadvantage of mechanical tillage compared to chemical weed killing.


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Added Values

The VPA control enables the working speed to be doubled for certain tool combinations. This is achieved by the automatic and optimum guidance of the tools towards the crop. Another consequence is the optimization of the work result. The weed pressure is reduced in the long term by removing more weeds. The measure can therefore be carried out at longer intervals.

And because the operator is relieved of most of his monitoring and setting tasks, he no longer tires so quickly. The working speed can be kept consistently high throughout the working day. Also, vines are less likely to be damaged by contact with the sharp-edged tools.

The connection to the Vineyard Cloud continues to help with efficient task management. This means that work processes can be documented directly and automatically. This means that they are also visible in real time for the coordination of the subsequent work steps.


The Vineyard Pilot Assistant combines proven mechanical engineering with innovative technologies. The whole system is based on a proven intermediate axle device carrier from Braun Maschinenbau. This has been further developed and is additionally equipped with intelligent sensors and actuators.

A laser sensor interprets the crops in the row and generates a virtual image of the machine environment. This is used to precisely determine the position of the individual crops. The system then guides the attachments optimally along the crops..

The central node of the system is the Generic Control Box of Robot Makers GmbH. This is where the complex environment detection and high-performance position control of the hydraulic actuators takes place.

The operator can configure and monitor the system via a touch PC in the cabin. A connection to the Vineyard Cloud farm management information system also allows the operator to obtain advance information about the crop and to document the processing carried out directly.

The system can also be extended with the powerful guidance system RowCropPilot assist. This means that steering in the vine row is also taken over and the driver is further relieved.


Braun Maschinenbau GmbH, Landau in der Pfalz Vineyard Cloud GmbH, Burrweiler


Vinitech Sifel Trophee Bronze 2018

Agritechnica Innovation Award Silber 2019
(in combination with RowCropPilot guidance system)

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