RowCropPilot – Autonomy kit for row crops

Are you a manufacturer of vehicles in the field of row crops and want to offer your customers intelligent functions that help increase efficiency, increase safety and improve comfort? The Autonomy Kit RowCropPilot from Robot Makers GmbH was developed especially for this purpose. This means that it can be easily retrofitted on different machines.

The Autonomy Kit RowCropPilot allows you to drive whole plantations independently. This means that recurring maintenance work can be carried out autonomously.

“Inquiries from machine manufacturers from a wide variety of crops, who want to realize similar intelligent functionalities on their special equipment, convinced us to launch our own product line with the RowCropPilot.” the founder and managing director Dr. Bernd Helge Leroch comments on the motives. The aim is “to open up the possibilities of mobile automation to small and medium-sized enterprises without having to make a hardly stemmable initial investment”.

In the last two years, the engineers at Robot Makers GmbH have incorporated a great deal of ideas, know-how and experience into the development of the RowCropPilot. This resulted in a coordinated autonomy kit consisting of sensors, a powerful control computer and an intelligent software solution. This makes it possible for the different customer vehicles to carry out various maintenance tasks independently. In addition to licensing costs, the customer only has to pay the one-off costs of adapting the RowCropPilot to his own vehicle. The RowCropPilot is also suitable for use in other row crops than wine-growing scenarios. These include fruit-growing, vegetable growing, tree nurseries and the cultivation of Christmas trees.

Robot Makers GmbH vision is to automate the entire workflow in the execution of recurring maintenance tasks. (Icons made by Freepik from

The realization of the RowCropPilot is also a big step for Robot Makers GmbH on the way to the realization of their own vision. This includes the entire process automation of recurring maintenance work. All work is planned and scheduled on the PC or smartphone. The machine is then able to approach the selected area on a closed plantation, carry out the planned work and return to its base – completely without any operator intervention. The system also documents sensor data recorded during execution – e. g. crop and application rate – and makes it available for future planning.

At the end of January, Robot Makers GmbH will present the RowCropPilot for the first time to a broad specialist audience at Agrartage Rheinhessen. For this purpose, the Autonomy Kit is mounted on an electronic crawler vehicle, which allows the automatic mulching and spreading of weedkillers. In the course of 2018, further realizations in various areas will follow.


RowCropPilot on hydraulically driven crawler vehicle

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RowCropPilot on electronically driven crawler vehicle

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Technological realization

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