Autonomous vineyard crawler will be discussed in the cvc-news

The autonomous vineyard crawler of the Robot Makers GmbH will be discussed in the current issue of the newsletter of the Commercial Vehicle Cluster Southwest, the so called cvc-news 01/2017. The task that has been implemented in this project, fits perfectly with the newly selected focus of the innovative commercial vehicle cluster – “Automated Commercial Vehicles for the Off-Road-Sector”.

In this respect, the CVC sees the technical hurdles that arise for automated off-road driving as one of the main challenges. Therefore, the environment detection, like the sensor-based detection of local structures or static and dynamic obstacles, plays one of the main roles. The Robot Makers GmbH has specialized in this kind of topics and can look back on several experience in the field of environment detection with different sensor systems as well as in sensor fusion.

Especially because of the much smaller legal hurdles for automated off-road-vehicles, there are also many opportunities, according to CVC: “At the same time, the higher technical challenges are faced with significantly lower legal hurdles. It is therefore easier to exploit technical solutions economically (…)”

The new CVC newsletter is available for download here.

Die autonome Weinbergraupe der Robot Makers GmbH in den cvc-news 01/2017

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