Nomination for the “Zukunftspreis Pfalz 2015” (Future Award Palatinate)

The Robot Makers GmbH is nominated for the first prize of the “Zukunftspreis Pfalz 2015”. This tribute is honored every two years by the regional association Palatinate. This honor should “boost excellent innovative ideas, products, projects and performances which reinforce the sustainability and the sustainable development of the region.” Projects in the sector of environment sciences, natural sciences, liberal arts/social sciences, technology or economy can receive this award.

The presentation topic of the Robot Makers GmbH deals with the “Modular Control System for applications in the measuring and testing technology”. On this occasion the powerful electronic of the Modular Control System as a measuring system comes to action, to read in measurements of several synchronous sensors with high sampling rates. A typical application case is the product improvement through test benches. Due to the high quality demands of modern products, complex tests during the development and the model maintenance are necessary, to eliminate quality defects at the outset. Therefore, corresponding measuring devices and test stands are needed. Depending on the application case, pressure, temperature, velocity, position, flow rate, air parameters, etc. should be recorded as synchronously as possible. Only by this synchronism we are able to enable reliable conclusions about the relation of individual parameters. At the same time a high frequency for the query of the measurements is needed to assume an exact reflection of the reality.

The CEO of the Robot Makers GmbH, Dr. Bernd-Helge Leroch, was very pleased about the nomination: “We are delighted about the nomination for the Zukunftspreis Pfalz. The nomination for this renowned contest shows us, that we are hitting the right nerve with our innovative products. This is a motivation for us to develop products and services that exactly satisfy our customers wishes and demands, also in future.”

The announcement of the prize-winners takes place within the framework of a gala on Sunday, November 22th, 2015 at 6pm in the “Pfalz Theater” in Kaiserslautern.

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