Robot Makers exhibit on the SENSOR+TEST 2015 in Nuremberg

The Robot Makers GmbH takes part at the Measurement Fair SENSOR + TEST 2015 in Nuremberg. From 19 to 21 May 2015 the possibilities of the electronic series Modular Control System are shown together with the central control- and evaluation-unit Generic Control Box and the software framework Finroc®, in a scenario of modern measurement technology. Topic of the presentation is the flexible and distributed measurement at testing stations using synchronous bus systems.

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CAN-Bus – status quo in automotive engineering

On today’s automation solutions, the number of electrical components continues to grow. The cabling of these electrical components requires a great effort, involving huge costs at the project planning and complex wiring schemes. For that reason, so-called “fieldbus systems” were developed, that transfer the data with help of only one single bus cable, which passes all field devices. Thus, the wiring effort and the weight could be drastically reduced. The “CAN-Bus” is probably the most famous fieldbus system, which mainly established a reputation in the sector of automotive engineering. The most important information among this topic is summarized in this article.

Generic Control Box CANopen

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EtherCAT – a lightning-fast bus system

As an answer to the growing requirements of the modern automation engineering to the real-time capability of the bus systems and the high costs of the common bus components, several companies began to generate a real-time capable bus system. It is drawn up to the favorable standard components of the Ethernet-standards IEEE 802.3. One of these industrial-Ethernet bus systems is “EtherCAT”, which was initiated by the company Beckhoff Automation and is now further developed by the EtherCAT Technology Group.

Logo der EtherCAT Technoloy Group

The Robot Makers GmbH is a member of the EtherCAT Technology Group and generates master- and slave-components

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SCADA – the modern monitoring system

By virtue of the increasing amount of automated systems, the importance of monitoring and controlling these complex systems rises, too. Obviously, the automated systems should be operated with minimum staff deployment. Therefore, it is necessary to offer tools to the operators for controlling the processes. “SCADA” is typically mentioned in this context, which integrates computer systems for exactly these monitoring- and controlling- tasks and relieves the operators. The definition of SCADA is given below, explaining, where it is used, and how it works.

Steueraufgaben schnell realisieren mit der Generic Control Box

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