Regulation and management of a (semi-)autonomous hydraulic arm

Through the use of (semi-)autonomous robot systems on land, water and in the air, the search and rescue of people in critical situations shall be greatly improved. This aim was settled by the “EU-FP7-Project” ICARUS. In this connection the multilateral control technology of the Robot Makers GmbH goes into action.

Large Unmaned Ground Vehicle

Through the use of the efficient electronic engineering of the Modular Control System, the LUGV is able to participate on search and rescue operations. Photo courtesy of AG Robotersysteme (TU Kaiserslautern)

An already existing vehicle LUGV (Large Unmanned Ground Vehicle) was armed with a hydraulic gripping arm for the autonomous commitment in search and rescue operations. Moreover, in case of emergency, several tool kits as features of the system are given, which can be changed independently during the operation.

Large Unmaned Ground Vehicle

Photo courtesy of AG Robotersysteme (TU Kaiserslautern)

The control and regulation of this arm, was realized by the hydraulic controller of the Modular Control System (MCS) of the Robot Makers GmbH. The hydraulic controller enables a synchronously data logging and regulation up to four axes. For the protection of the electronic, a waterproofed case of the box-system is used. Because of the flexible construction of the electronic platform MCS, also extraordinarily demands on already existing hard- and software components can be portrayed. On that score the demands can be realized quickly and cheaply.

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