European EtherCAT Plug Fest 2014

EtherCat-Slave-Komponente im Rack Formfaktor

EtherCAT slave component in the Rack form factor

Between the 14th and 15th of October 2014 the European EtherCat Plug Fest will take place. The Festo AG & Co.KG invites developers of the EtherCat-systems and tools to Esslingen to perform interoperability tests and to swap experiences around the topic EtherCat. Experts of the EtherCat Technology Group (ETG) will be available with their know-how for technical discussions.

In the context of this event the ETG member Robot Makers GmbH will present EtherCat slave components developed in-house for the first time. In particular, a 4-channel-amplifier for synchronous control of hydraulic systems will be presented. The EtherCat-enabled variant of the Generic Control Box and the subsequent software-tool of this will be also shown on the Plug Fest. The Generic Control Box is a PC-based versatile control system, which is suitable for the integration of complex systems – especially in mobile applications or industry 4.0 scenarios. In this context, a new configuration surface for mobile devices will be presented.


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