Closed-loop Control of a Tracked Vehicle

In this project, the drive system control of a 50 kg tracked vehicle was realized with components by the company Robot Makers GmbH. A remote controlled vehicle of the type Digital Vanguard was equipped with a closed-loop controller for the tracks to allow the control via a PC-base interface.

In the context of the EU-FP7-Project ICARUS this platform is used to investigate (semi-)autonomous approaches for search and rescue applications. The contact person at the University of Kaiserslautern (Robotics Research Lab) for this project is Christopher Armbrust.

On mobile platforms, installation space and power efficiency are central criteria. For these reasons, electronics and mechanical components of the compact CUBE System were chosen for realizing motor control for the tracks. The flexible architecture of the electronics allows the control of further accessory equipment – for instance a robotic arm that can be integrated on the platform – at any time if required. The system is integrated via the included C++ driver library. Furthermore, bindings for the common robotic frameworks ROS and Finroc® are provided. As official Finroc® Support Partner, we willingly assist you during the realization of your ow1n projects with the Finroc® tool chain.

Raupenfahrzeug Digital Vanguard

The control of the drive chains is realized with components of the Modular Control System. Photo courtesy of Robotics Research Lab (University of Kaiserslautern)


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