Off-road Platform VIONA

The robot VIONA (Vehicle for Intelligent Off-road NAvigation) is an agile platform for applications in rough terrain. The vehicle has the dimensions of a small car and weighs about 700kg. The electric drive consists of four single wheel motors with 1.2kW power each. Front and rear axis can be steered separately. That way, complex driving manoeuvres like crab steering and double-Ackermann steering can be achieved.

Mechanics, electronics and control software have been realised by the Robot Makers GmbH. The rollout took place in October 2012 in the context of the “Sciences Night 2012” in Kaiserslautern.

Outdoor Plattform VIONA

The outdoor platform VIONA is perfectly suited for off-road use, thanks to its robust design and engine

Technical Data

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Attributes Description
width 1400 mm (most widest part: bumper)
length 2400 mm
height 940 mm
weight ca. 650 kg
payload 200 kg
track width 1100 mm
wheel base 1200 mm
wheel diameter 770 mm (off-road tyres on 16″ alloy wheel rims)
chassis clearance ~ 250 mm
spring deflection 115 mm (-45 mm up to +70 mm)
board voltage 48 V
energy source 8 deep-cycle batteries with each 12 V 55 Ah (5280 Wh)
running time about 4 hours
controller Generic Control Box
interface Ethernet TCP/IP
protocols ROS (
Finroc® (



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