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Autonomous Gross Funk Stage Wagon with mecanum drive

The autonomous Stage Wagon mecanum drive from Gross Funk GmbH is a real game changer in the field of mobile stage technology. Thanks to the powerful mecanum drive modules, the system enables completely omnidirectional drive – it can move from any position and orientation into any direction. This opens up completely new movement possibilities on stages of all kinds. In combination with the proven Teach&Repeat technology as well as the Global Navigation from Robot Makers GmbH, a well-rounded overall package is created that is second to none.

Whether as a movable stage set, mobile choir platform or as a flexible turntable – the Stage Wagon mecanum drive perfectly stages your choreography. Depending on the application, up to four stage wagons can be combined in a cluster. This means that even larger loads and superstructures can be moved easily and as if by magic. Configuration takes place via an intuitive user interface on a laptop or mobile device.

Due to the intelligent control of the stage wagon mecanum drive, a repeating accuracy is made possible that is unattainable for human operators. To this end, any number of sequences can be taught and replayed. With the optional Global Navigation, the accuracy when moving along the lanes can be further increased even in the case of fancy driving maneuvers and challenging stage surfaces.


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Added values


The Stage Wagon mecanum drive can be used for a variety of mobile stage arrangements. Whether as a pedestal for people or choirs, a mobile turntable, a movable stage set or in combination with an effective LED screen – there are hardly any limits to your ideas.

High Payload

Even in its basic version, the Stage Wagon mecanum drive can carry loads of around 500 kg with its overall height of less than 17 cm. You want to move higher loads? No problem, just contact our partner Gross Funk!


Depending on the desired application, a stage wagon can be used alone or in a cluster of up to four stage wagons. The configuration of the cluster is done via an intuitive web interface by the user on site.


Thanks to the powerful Teach&Repeat technology, choreographies that have been learned once can be repeated as often as desired and with high precision. For the power user, the repeating accuracy can be increased even further with the available Global Navigation – even for the most unusual driving maneuvers, very long choreographies and challenging stage surfaces.


Thanks to the safe radio remote control from Gross Funk, the system meets all prevailing safety requirements and standards. In addition, optional stage edge sensors or safety bumpers can be integrated to further increase safety.


The built-in components are designed for industrial use. Thus, the system achieves a high availability and gives the user the necessary security that is expected in show business. However, should any questions arise, the support is at your service.

Proven technology:
Already more than 40 systems in use worldwide

Global Navigation

The new Global Navigation enables even more precise choreographies and driving maneuvers even on challenging stage surfaces. With the help of high-precision laser navigation, the individual stage wagon or even the cluster of several stage wagons is reliably localized and the position and orientation are compared with the target value. In this way, a high level of repeatability can be ensured over the entire period, even for very long paths. 

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Gross Funk Buehnenwagen Mecanum Drive mit Autonomiefahrt Steuerbox

Technical Data


  • 94×94 cm frame, just 16.6 cm height, open at the top
  • Direct payload up to 500 kg
  • Ground clearance 20 mm
  • Wheel diameter 125 mm
  • Safe radio remote control with Reflektomat technology, range 300 m
  • Asynchronous wheel drive with four DC motors
  • Power supply via two 12 V lead-gel batteries
  • Integrated charger 24V
  • Simple cluster configuration for up to four stage wagons
  • Configurable circular movements

Scope of Delivery

  • 1x Stage Wagon mecanum drive completely mounted
  • 1x Safe radio receiver
  • 1x Safe radio transmitter
  • 1x Automatic charger for the stage wagon
  • 1x Accessories