Special Vehicles

Mobile automation enables intelligent applications

Mobile machines - completely digital

A very diverse range of vehicle types are represented in the field of special vehicles. This category includes trucks, municipal and forestry vehicles, test platforms in research and also stage technology.

In addition to optimization and increased efficiency, topics such as relieving the machine operator and the associated reduction in the risk of accidents caused by human mistakes play a paramount role here. Assistance systems, (partial) automation, as well as coordinated cooperation of several machines, are made possible by the use of high-performance hardware and software solutions.

Active workspace ­surveillance

  • Environment sensors monitor the working area of the special vehicle and intervene in case of dangerous situations.
  • Collisions and other dangerous situations are avoided reliably.
  • Even areas not visible for the driver are monitored.

Free point-to-point navigation including obstacle­ avoidance

  • Autonomous driving on a previously recorded route.
  • The vehicle runs the previously defined route point by point.
  • Obstacles on the path are detected by environment sensors and can be bypassed.

Electronic drawbar

  • A manned or tele-operated guidance vehicle indicates the lane.
  • Unmanned vehicles safely follow the guidance vehicle at a predefined distance.
  • Collisions can be avoided with the help of environment sensors.


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