Construction Machines

Increased efficiency due to ­intelligent machines

Targeted work with intelligent support

Assistance systems and (partial) automation also represent the future in the field of construction machines. Automated working functions, partially automated driving and the realization of intelligent vehicle clusters are already available. This increases safety in complex work areas, simultaneously optimizing the work performance. The driver is relieved during the regular work. It is possible to work in many areas where human resources are a challenge. Intelligent sensor-based systems provide additional security while simultaneously cutting time and personnel resources.

Tilt-protection and limitation of the working-Area

  • Position and orientation sensors are used to detect the current position of the vehicle and the excavator arm.
  • Pressure sensors are used to determine the current loading condition of the bucket.
  • The intelligent control system is able to actively access the hydraulic-controller of the machine, to restrict the working-area in order to protect the machine from tilting.
  • Besides, certain areas of the working-area can be restricted, to avoid collisions (e.g. while working on a busy road).

Automated discharching-process

  • Automatic approach of the discharging-area (e.g. HGV, container, press, …) as well as automated discharging-process.
  • Obstacles on the way to the discharging-area can be teached in and therefore avoided while the automated discharging takes place.
  • Optional supervision of the working-area in dynamic changing working-environments.

Formation ride

  • Formation ride of several vehicles, which orient themselves on a manned guidance vehicle.
  • Unmanned vehicles follow at a predefined distance and offset.
  • Collision avoidance of unmanned vehicles through appropriate sensor technology.
  • Turning strategies can be implemented, too.



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