Agricultural Machines

Sustainable cultivation of valueable farmland

The machine relieves and supports the farmer

Convenient assistance systems and (partial) automation enable an automated control of selective functions of the implement or take over driving functions of the vehicle. The driver operates the implement without intensive instruction and is supported during the work. This keeps him concentrated, which goes hand in hand with increased security. The operator can also run at high working speeds over a long period without getting tired. This increases the area output combined with the optimization of the work result. Through the use of semi-autonomous vehicles, harvesting can also take place regardless of the time of day. An optimized harvest time ensures a higher quality of agricultural products.

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Autonomous mowing of predefined areas

Step 1: Teach-In
The area that should be mowed autonomously is given to the vehicle via GPS coordinates. This can be done, for example, by using a planning tool, by driving along the outer contour or by performing a teach-in drive.

Step 2: Repeat

The vehicle drives down the working area automatically. The vehicle stops or bypasses static or dynamic obstacles. The operator is at the field to supervise the vehicle and may intervene at any time.

Autonomous row passage with surveillance

Within a defined working area, the vehicle adjusts itself to the rows of trees and drives down these independently. Sensors ensure that the optimum route is always selected. The vehicle stops or bypasses static or dynamic obstacles. The operator supervises the vehicle and can intervene at any time.

Implement control

Sensors are used to detect the characteristics of the row passed through (row distance, planting distance, vegetation, etc.). The implement adapts itself within the tree row and ensures optimal and resource-saving treatment. The automated control of the implement relieves the driver as he only has to focus on steering the vehicle. The adjustment is accurate to the centimeter.

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