Gross Funk Buehnenwagen Mecanum Drive mit Autonomiefahrt Top View

Autonomous stage technology excites on international stages

The autonomous stage wagon mecanum drive of our partner Gross Funk convinces more and more responsible persons of theaters and show stages all over the world and impresses with reliability, repeatability and robustness.

The project between Gross Funk and Robot Makers, which was launched jointly in 2015, is finding ever greater favor with the managers of international stages and festival venues. With the mecanum drive stage wagon, Gross Funk offers a fine-tuned product that impresses with reliable performance and innovative functions that are second to none.

This is where the close exchange with the theaters and venues pays off. In close cooperation, the wishes and requirements from daily use are incorporated into the product. In this way, it has been possible to continuously improve the product over the years of the partnership.

As a latest feature, Global Navigation is now also available for the mecanum drive stage wagon, further improving repeatability in autonomous mode even for fancy driving maneuvers, very long choreographies and challenging stage surfaces.

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