Der RowCropPilot im Einsatz in einer Baumschule mit Containeranbau.

5 reasons why Intelligent Mobile Machines are shaping the future

In the past, muscle power was the only way to do heavy work. For the first time, pack animals helped humans to perform certain tasks and save energy. Due to the subsequent mechanization, almost all work steps were carried out with machines.

Due to technological advances on various levels and simultaneously emerging challenges, the next technological leap is now imminent. Based on the following five reasons, we would like to show you why there will be no way around Intelligent Mobile Machines, for example in Smart Farming, in the future

Increasing shortage of skilled workers

Even today, it is only possible to recruit suitable personnel to carry out the necessary work at considerable expense. Especially if a certain qualification or experience is required, the responsible persons often face unsolvable tasks. Intelligent Mobile Machines can perform certain tasks independently. Alternatively, innovative assistance functions simplify the operation of the mobile machine. This means that even an unskilled worker can achieve work results of high quality and high performance.

77 percent of companies in the construction sector see the shortage of skilled workers as a risk to their own economic development. This also applies to many other industries.

Survey IHK-Day 2020

Saving resources for environmental protection

Whether on the way to ZeroEmmision or the saving of chemicals in agriculture – the reduction of resource consumption is an important goal for a future worth living on planet earth. Intelligent Mobile Machines allow the saving of fuel, but also of application resources through powerful sensor technology and efficiently planned routes. This ensures ecological processing with simultaneous cost savings.

Emissions from agriculture are to be reduced by 34 percent by 2030 compared to 1990. For other sectors, even stricter targets apply in some cases.

Climate Protection Plan of the Federal Government of Germany

Necessary increase in efficiency

Human operators are getting tired by working and have different levels of performance. As a result, work performance decreases continuously during the course of the day. Intelligent systems can control various functions of a mobile machine (both vehicle and implement) fatigue-free over a complete working day at incredible speed and with unprecedented precision. As a result, higher area outputs or shorter cycle times can be achieved, thus significantly increasing efficiency.

9.7 billion people are expected to live on earth by 2050 (1950: 2.5 billion). These people must be fed and need infrastructure to live.

UN Population Projection
The Vineyard Pilot Assistant in combination with the RowCropPilot increases the possible driving speed considerably and keeps it at a high level throughout the entire working day, thanks to the relief of the driver. A real gain in efficiency.

Increased need for safety

Wherever people are in the danger zone, risky situations can occur – either directly, e.g. by a vehicle tipping over on a slope, or in the long term, e.g. through contact with crop protection products. Intelligent Mobile Machines ensure that the operator can leave the danger zone. In addition, sensors help to monitor hazardous areas and thus exclude dangerous situations from the start. A considerable gain in safety.

18 fatal accidents were caused by agricultural machines alone in 2019.

German Social Insurance (SVLFG)

Stricter documentation requirements

Customers and also the legislator want to know how food or other products were produced, e.g. which treatments with plant protection products and herbicides were used. The demands on the level of detail of the legally stipulated recording and documentation obligations are regularly increasing, which in turn increases the effort required for recording and documentation. Intelligent Mobile Machines enable automatic and tamper-proof data recording and documentation, thus reducing the burden on producers

The Plant Protection Act requires documentation on the agent used, the time and place of use, the quantity used, the area of deciduous wall treated and the type of crop.

German Plant Protection Act PflSchG

For manufacturers of proven mobile machines, it is time to take a closer look at the possibilities of mobile automation. The advantages are obvious and the technical feasibility is given in many areas. All over Europe, start-ups with considerable capital behind them are already forming in order to roll up the market from behind with disruptive approaches. Robot Makers GmbH pursues a different approach and, as a partner of established machine manufacturers, equips their machines with intelligent functions. The entire development process, the know-how and the tools of Robot Makers GmbH are geared towards this.

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