Das Laufteam der Robot Makers GmbH vor dem Start des Firmenlaufs 2016

First participation on the B2RUN-Corporate Challenge in Kaiserslautern

On Wednesday, the 15th of June 2016, five runners of the Robot Makers GmbH started, to master the 6 km-trail of the B2RUN-Corporate Challenge, through the city center of Kaiserslautern. After it rained all day, the sun gained back her dominance exact when the first group started and provided the more than 6000 participants with perfect weather for the run.

Exactly on 06:30pm the runners of the Robot Makers GmbH started with the last group of starters and did a very good job, despite they hadn’t trained before. After a little more than half an hour, all the runners of our team had crossed the finish line and were able to get a first and well deserved refreshment. After the successful event the evening was spent together in the city center and we decided to participate on the B2RUN-Corporate Challenge next year, again.

The running team of the Robot Makers GmbH before the start
The running team of the Robot Makers GmbH before the start

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