Trailer for the research project AMMCOA

For the research project AMMCOA of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, there is now a separate project trailer, which informs about the questions and objectives of this project. More detailed information can be found in our blog about this topic (only available in german language).

In its project section, Robot Makers GmbH primarily takes over the algorithms for the realization of innovative approaches for swarm robotics in agriculture and in the construction sector. Various scenarios are developed and then tested in practice. Another focus is on the possibilities of localization, which result from the newly developed technology. The subject area of precise and reliable localization is one of the main challenges in many applications of mobile automation.

Outdoor Environment Detection Processes – Part 3

In part 1 of our brief overview of outdoor environment detection processes, we discussed time-of-flight as well as radar technology. In part 2, we presented ultrasound and mono/stereo video processes. In this third and last part of our article series, we want to take a closer look at laser technology.

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Outdoor environment detection processes – Part 2

In part 1 of our brief overview of outdoor environment detection processes, we discussed time-of-flight as well as radar technology. In the following, we now want to take a closer look at ultrasound as well as environment detection with the help of video images. In the final part of our article series, we will discuss laser technology.

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The Robot Makers Running Team before the start to the B2RUN corporate challenge in the year 2017

B2RUN-Corporate Challenge: Strong team performance

After the first participation in the B2RUN-corporate challenge Kaiserslautern last year, the Robot Makers Running Team again took part in the running event in Kaiserslautern’s inner city this year. Thus, the six-kilometer route, which stretches from the SAKS hotel through the pedestrian zone over Barbarossa and Bismarckstrasse back to the Stiftsplatz, was tackled by eight brave runners.

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Robot Makers Running Team starts at the B2RUN-Corporate Challenge in Kaiserslautern

After our first participation in the B2RUN-Corporate Challenge last year, we will again face the challenge of the sporting spectacle on the 18th of May 2017 in our hometown. With nine runners our team is going to overcome the approximately five kilometer-long run through the Kaiserslautern city center. Our team starts in the last starting block at 6:30 pm at the Stiftsplatz in front of the SAKS-Hotel. Friends, patrons and partners are, of course, invited to support our team at the track!

The running team of the Robot Makers GmbH before the start

The Robot Makers Running Team before the start to the B2RUN-Corporate Challenge in 2016

Autonomous vineyard crawler will be discussed in the cvc-news

The autonomous vineyard crawler of the Robot Makers GmbH will be discussed in the current issue of the newsletter of the Commercial Vehicle Cluster Southwest, the so called cvc-news 01/2017. The task that has been implemented in this project, fits perfectly with the newly selected focus of the innovative commercial vehicle cluster – “Automated Commercial Vehicles for the Off-Road-Sector”.

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Driverless Vineyard Crawler is presented at the Agrartage Nieder-Olm

From 25th to 27th January 2017, our partner Niko Maschinenbau will present the driverless vineyard crawler to the visitors at the machine exhibition of the Agrartage Nieder-Olm. For the first time, the machine itself will be represented on the booth of our partner in Hall C, Stand 024. Robot Motors GmbH and Niko Maschinenbau would be really happy to welcome you there.

Thanks to the technology of the Robot Makers GmbH, this crawler vehicle is able to complete various care tasks in the vineyard completely autonomously. In contrast to other systems on the market, the machine doesn’t use the high-precision RTK-GPS. Most of the data used for navigation is provided by the “eyes” of the vehicle, so-called ambient environment sensors. In addition to independently running the rows in wine and fruit cultivation, the vehicle is also able to turn independently at the row exit and enter the next row. This allows complete plantations to be processed autonomously.

By eliminating the necessity of the highly accurate RTK-GPS signal, the system achieves greater robustness against signal fluctuations caused by shading (e.g. because of trees or precipices) and weather phenomena. In addition, the position offset arising by the slippage of the crawler while the transposition maneuver can be counterbalanced. This offset forces today’s systems, which are based on precisely predefined tracks, to come to a standstill.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a good start to the new year 2017

The team of Robot Makers GmbH wishes all customers, partners and friends a happy and peaceful Christmas and a happy new year. We are pleased to be able to implement exciting projects with you in 2017 and to help you with all questions concerning mobile automation.

Christmas party on the Lauterer Weihnachtsmarkt

For the fifth year in a row, employees and friends of the Robot Makers GmbH gathered at the christmas market in Kaiserslautern to say goodbye to the last year and to agree on the new year 2017 with many exciting projects. In addition to our employees, this year again some former colleagues as well as friends and acquaintances of our company followed our call and together we spent a beautiful pre-christmas evening.

The Robot Makers GmbH wants to take this opportunity to thank all of its customers, partners and friends for the cooperation in last year and to wish Merry Christmas and a good start to the new year 2017 to everyone.


Intervitis, Interfructa, Hortitechnica: Future technologies in viticulture and pomiculture

From 27 to 30 November, the Intervitis, Interfructa, Hortitechnica, a major trade fair for wine, juice and special cultures took place on the grounds of the Landesmesse Stuttgart. In addition to the latest developments in cultivation and harvesting technology, innovations in the areas of handling, process control, marketing and architecture were also presented. Therefore, a good overview above the entire process chain from cultivation to marketing was provided. Members of Robot Makers GmbH were also on the road during the four exhibition days, both as exhibitors and visitors.

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